Undershelf Mug Holder, 14 x 28 x 6 cm


  • ADD STORAGE SPACE IN YOUR CABINETS – Organize your mugs effectively and ensure that you have some extra cupboard space with this Metaltex mug storage for cupboards
  • FITS A WIDE VARIETY OF SHELVES – Fit this mug hanger under your shelf in most of the cabinets in your home, so long as they are no thicker than 2.5 cm
  • MADE OUT OF DURABLE MATERIAL – This under shelf mug rack is made out of steel which is then treated with exclusive polytherm copper coating. This creates a protective barrier and ensures that it does not rust or stain over time
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – Simply slide the undershelf mug holder onto any cabinet shelf or cupboard shelf in your kitchen, then fix it in place using the included fixing